Starting Point

Starting Point

“Where do I start?” This is a question which gets asked more often than not when it comes to finding answers to questions about what it takes to become a Christian and be baptized. Starting Point is a great place to ask those questions and get answers which will help you along the way in taking the first steps into a new life in Christ.

When is the class? – Starting Point is available the 2nd Sunday of each month.

What time and where does it meet? – Starting Point meets at 9:00 a.m. in the Work Room, which is inside the office area of GPCC.

Who teaches the class? – Del Jolliff, one of the GPCC Elders, teaches the class. If he is not available, another of the GPCC leadership fills in.

Is there a cost? – Starting Point is free, with no charges for class time or materials.

What ages can take the class? – Anyone from Kindergarten all the way through adulthood can take the class. Families are encouraged to come together, ask questions, and prayerfully make decisions as they go through the class material.

How do I sign up? – There is no sign up for the class. All we ask is that you pick up a Starting Point brochure from the table across from the Information Center, work through it, and bring it along with your questions and thoughts.

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